Solar Cell Phone Powerbank

SOLAR cell phone Chargers mean that, with a sustainable energy source, you can keep your USB devices full of juice, without having a power supply or battery. There's a new wave of chargers on the market. Some are available in compact portable, pocket-sized options, while others are larger, more powerful configurations that you can take on camping trips or wherever there is hard electricity. 

This five-panel solar charge is compared with a high efficiency monocrystalline pv panel with up to 10000 mAh. The iPhone 6 is powered by a 1,810 mAh battery, so the battery is charged around 5 times in one solar charge. It can be charged at full load. The small size of the rugged charger means that you can easily leave it in the sunlight on a window sill or on the corner of a desk. And two USB ports allow two phones (or one tablet, Ipad) to be charged simultaneously. 

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 Technical Specification.

  • High Efficient and high Capacity Battery: Built-in 1000 mAh Li-ion battery equipped with a highly efficient compact, single crystalline solar panel, capable of recharging the battery under an external sunlight. Conversion rate of the solar panel between 15-17%.

  • The external solar panel battery charger can be recharged via solar or outlet. But please don't take solar as the main source of power as it mainly supplies. It is subject to intensity of sunlight and panel conversion, which can take a long time to recharge. Dual USB Charging Ports Charge two devices simultaneously while you are on the go, 2.1A charging gives you the fastest charging rate.
  • 2 Ultra Bright LED Flashlight : Just press the button twice, LED will light up again for flashlight, push constantly mode once more, the LED will blinking in emergency. Push twice, switch off the light. It can help you find a way home when you're losing your way into wild life. The LED flashlight is very bright and it works well in darkness especially for emergent use.
  • Portable Compact Design: Compact size with free hook, easy to hold and place wherever you want; suitable for many occasions such as flights, parties, barbecues and other outdoor activities.
  • There will be a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects only and the warranty period depends on different types of brand policies.

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