Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard & Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

 Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard                 

Your computer already draws a lot of power, why use your accessories even more to power why we can't use the free energy of the sun? The solar wireless keyboard charges from the sun or artificial light and keeps a charge in total darkness for up to three months. And it's sleek enough to fill your desk with just 1/3 inch thick.(We checked this keyboard a while ago to see what we thought.)

  • keyboard Running on Solar-powered : High efficiency mono crystalline Solar panel. No battery hassles any light source keeps your keyboard  solar panel charged for at least three months in total darkness.
  • Only 0.33 inch thickness (Slim Design): Ultra-thin design gives your workspace a sleek style
  • Smooth feel touch: Logitech only concentric key cap design for faster, quieter, easier typing
  • Powerful 2.4 GHz wireless technology: Use a small Logitech Unifying Receiver that stays in your computer to have a reliable connection.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8, 10. Sunlight source and/or indoor lighting. Not convenient to Mac


Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker                 

Although it will not give you the sound quality of a full speaker system, it is highly portable and stores enough power to play music at a full charge for eight hours. It also charges your smart-phone through the USB port. It is also water resistant, making it great for listening in the pool and being versatile anywhere.

  • High efficiency Mono-crystalline solar panel with internal battery Li-ion for the best battery backup
  • Charges your smart-phone for streaming your tunes
  • Internal battery supplies 8 + hours for long night listening
  • Stereo Sound-Pump your tunes with two full-range drivers
  • IPX 4 classified–Rugged and Water Resistant (IP65) for audio everywhere!
  • Great for outdoor activities or just by the pool.

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