What's the Solar Water Heater? Unlimited clean water heating energy.

A solar water heater is a device for capturing sunlight to heat the water in your pipes for baths, showers etc. The benefits of solar water heating are enormous. You'll save money on your electric bill first.

It mainly consists of:
  • Installed in the roof a thermal panel also called a solar collector
  • Hot water storage tank
  • Accessories such as a circulating pump to transport solar power to the tank from the collector and a thermal regulator.

Unlimited clean energy to heat your water

A solar water heater is a device that heats water using sunlight (rather than sun heat). It offers substantial energy savings, as the 1m2 roof sun replaces 100 liters of heating oil or 100 m3 of natural gas (about 1 000 kWh) per year. Generally speaking, 50 to 70 percent of the water used in the kitchen and bathroom can be heated in this way. 
The supply of this hot water to a washing machine or dishwasher also reduces the electricity used by these devices to heat the water and shortens the washing cycles. On average, RS 2000 costs basic solar water heater, including VAT and installation. In order to help you with this investment, you receive an energy grant from the Brussels region (link in French supplemented by certain communes. 

The solar water heating system can be efficient in winter due to efficient isolation. When the temperature is cold in winter, solar water heaters use radiator fluid technology. The heat exchange tank exchanges the fluid 's heat with water and heats the water in the tank. 
You may need to adjust your solar hot water heater in order to accommodate winter conditions depending on your home. Many regions experience temperatures of freezing while others do not experience very cold weather.
For cold weather regions, closed loop systems with some form of oil or refrigerant because of their resistance to freezing, the heat transfer liquid is better.

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