Asia Biggest Renewable Energy India Expo 18th to 20th September, 2018 at Delhi.

Renewable Energy India Expo 2018

Key elements of India Expo 2018 for Renewable Energy.

Ground mounted solar system

  • Solar power generation systems mounted on the ground are easy to use and install.
  • The center intends to generate 60 GW of ground - mounted power (SOLAR FARM), grid - connected solar power to meet the solar power target of 100 GW.

Rooftop solar system

  • India's Renewable Energy Strategy- Solar Rooftop  Business 
  • India is targeting 40 GW of solar rooftop system capacity by 2022
  • In December 2017, MNRE proposed the implementation of Sustainable Solar Rooftops for Indian Solar Transfiguration (SRISTI) in order to encourage the installation of roof top solar systems in India. Under the mission statement and guidelines, 10 percent provision of roof top solar & RE was mandated
  • Under the mission statement and guidelines, 10 percent provision of roof top solar & RE was mandated for all future and existing smart cities in India.

Battery bank storage

  • According to Blomberg New Energy Finance data, around 11.3 GW of energy storage will be installed globally by 2020, equivalent to less than one percent of the total installed capacity of intermittent renewable.
  • Power Storage to play an important role in India's future of sustainable energy
  • With limited investment in research and development of low - cost and efficient battery technologies, battery costs remain high, leading to less marketing and poor battery storage adoption. Pumped hydropower storage remains dominant in India's energy storage
  • Take the initiative in India to produce cost - effective batteries
  • India's state - run solar energy company (SECI) is seeking bids for a 750 megawatt solar park in Andhra Pradesh, Ananthapuramu. To complement the massive project series, SECI intends to acquire 100 megawatts of storage capacity
  • India's annual battery storage market of over US$ 1.3 billion

Future Solar cities

  • Building 60 solar towns and 33 solar parks
  • Undergrounds, airports and railway stations for solar projects
  • Dayal Singh College in Delhi has installed solar panels for the university and its vicinity 's electricity requirements
  • The CREDA will set up a solar power plant with a capacity of 10KV in all regions. Schools, panchayat buildings and Chhatisgarh Anganwadis
  • In a first of its kind in Central India, a solar power plant on a floating platform at Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd (VIPL) in Butibori is seen as a major step forward with several advantages.
  • The Greater Chennai Corporation will install solar panels on the roofs of 130 buildings as part of the project's phase two expansion to tap renewable energy to power the local authorities ' offices.

Solar Floating Power Plant

  • The solar floating segment is capable of generating 300 GW of power throughout the country.
  • The first floating solar power plant of 500 KW was put into operation in Kerala in December 2017.
  • The government recently issued eight solar floating projects with capacity ranging from 2 MW to 1000 MW.

Micro Grids (Solar)

  1. India's government is working to advance the country's solar micro grids. In January 2018, a total of 1,899 kWp of solar micro grids were installed in the country.
  2. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy provides financial assistance for the installation of these micro grids in rural areas of the country (Subsidy up to 30 percent of the cost).

Street lighting (Solar)

  • Solar Street lighting is an ideal way to illuminate roads, village roads, residential streets, car parks, industrial premises and airports.
  • The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has set standards for all street lighting stakeholders involving the use of efficient lamp technologies, pole and placement optimisation.
  • Under the National Street Lighting Program of the Government of India, which was launched in January 2015, a total of 96,187 solar LED street lights were installed until April 2018


Solar Energy

  • Cell and module manufacturers, crystal growth equipment, diffusion furnaces, laminators, installation systems, concentrations, trackers and collectors
  • consumables and Wire saws 
  • Production of silicon feedstock, ingots and wafer
  • Inverters, charging controllers, batteries and connectors for module
  • Photovoltaic modules, hybrid systems, equipment and materials
  • Screening and metallurgical equipment
  • manufacturers of Solar cells 
  • Solar desalination and drying systems
  • Solar water systems for heating / cooling and solar pumps
  • Testing, surveillance systems, project consultants, integrated building suppliers
  • Solar thermal engineering and photovoltaics (BIPV).
  • All types raw materials Suppliers
  • Integrators, assemblers and distributors for systems
  • Glass, substrates, coatings, resins, materials for encapsulation, films and gases
  • Software solutions and irradiation data providers
  • Developers and owners of solar farms
  • Annual contractors for maintenance solar system EMC
  • Systems for electrical testing and measuring. Solar street lighting and panel lighting

Wind Energy

  • Old WEGs buyers and sellers
  • Surveyors and contractors for civil engineering
  • Component repairers contractor.
  • Advisor's and certification agencies
  • Manufacturers of electrical and electronic goods
  • Producers and suppliers of hydraulic and mechanical products
  • Insurance companies, insurance companies, valuators, operators and maintenance companies
  • Small aero-generator manufacturers and training providers by themselves
  • WEG construction contractors, manufacturers of spare parts, components, tools and lubricants
  • Manufacturers of wind energy generator (WEG)
  • Providers of wind monitoring and analysis systems
  • Service providers evaluation and forecasting
  • Wind-solar integrated hybrid power system
  • Owner of Wind farm

Bio Energy

  • Manufacturers and service providers of analytical instruments
  • Biodiesel / distributors of bioethanol or refiners
  • Manufacturers of biodiesel supplies and mixing equipment
  • Manufacturers of biomass heating and drying equipment
  • Producers and consultants of bioreactor, boiler, turbine and turbo generator

Efficiency of Energy 

  • Power generation, transmission and distribution energy efficient equipment
  • Equipment for industrial and decorative lighting, luminaries, fittings and accessories
  • Motor and pump manufacturers
  • LED and charge controller manufacturers
  • Green Information Technology & Communications

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