If you are thinking of installing a solar System on your roof,So this is a perfect time.

Government Provide a Large Solar System Subsidy.

The Government of India provides a 30% subsidy to promote solar energy, and the Government of India also provides a 20,000 subsidy so that you can easily buy and save money. The process of submitting a subsidy registration form for a short time now. And register to your nearest government - approved agency for the benefit of subsidies. 

How does it work?

The solar panels installed produce DC Power by collecting energy from sunlight and separating electrons to produce a DC current.2. This power is then transferred to an inverter,
  1. matches your electricity company grid's exact alternating current and frequency.
  2. Inverter Converts the Direct Panel Current to Alternating Current.
  3. The power converted to alternating current is then sent to the nearest load.

  • If you use more power than the electricity produced by the solar system, the reduced power is taken from the power company.
  • With this system, no switches are necessary. Usage of power is done automatically. Unnecessary batteries for solar rooftop system on grid.
      4. During the consumption of solar energy, the bidirectional energy meter will move                    less, as the  energy requirement of the electric company is reduced during the day.
      5. The total energy bill reads a lower demand / consumption–therefore, the power bill is            reduced.
      6  If you do not use electricity generated from Solar, it will be sent to the electricity                      company and can be credited through the newly implemented Net-Metering process              to the overall bill of the facility.

Solar Rooftop Pv system comes with a guarantee of more than 5 years. In a short time, you 'll get the system cost compensation that min PayBack time is very short and you'll get the advantage for 25 years or more.

With the adoption of solar energy, you save money and the environment and give the incoming generation a clean environment.

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