INVT inverter WIFI200 Installation Instruction PDF

 Monitoring your inverter remotely.

You can easily download installation instruction manual and setup remote monitoring of you solar PV system from anywhere. 

Just 3 steps to complete the whole setting 

1. Setting WIFI200;    
2.Registering the User;    
3.Monitoring your PV system. 

Preface:  Plug in and fasten the WIFI200 into the RS485 port of inverter and 
Keep the DC isolator “ON” and AC circuit breakers “OFF”. 
The most important step is how to connect the WIFI200 to your/customer`s home router.

1. Setting your WIFI200 (by Smart-phone App)
  • Download and install “iMars PhoneExpert” App on Smart phone. ( App is also available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store) 
  • Go to Setting function on your phone, and enter to WLAN, find the WIFI signal: “iMars‐WiFi “and connect to it.
  • Run the “iMarsPhoneExpert” app and Click yellow icon “WIFI200 Setting” to enter the setting interface, and Click Search button, and enter the setting page. Follow below steps.

2. Registering a user (through the Website of INVT)
  • Turn on your laptop, and has the laptop access to the INTERNET. 
  • In your browser IE/Chrome/Firefox, key in the http://www.invt‐ 
  • Click Register, enter into the registration interface.
  • Fill in the information accordingly and submit it. 
  • Then the website will back to the Login page. 
  • Please key in the user name and password then Login. 
  • Give your solar system a name by fill in the” Plant name”   
  • Complete this page then click Confirm and Success massage will pop‐up. Follow the instruction.
  • Now you created a plant but no devices under it.
  • Fill in the information of WIFI200 (dongle).
  • Then click Confirm button.
Then wait a moment around 5 minutes, the data from inverter will be transferred to my server in China through WIFI200, then all the information will be showed in your created account. Congratulations, the whole setting for remote monitoring is completed; you can check your PV system by using by laptop and APP on Smartphone both

To know more in detail click hear to download official PDF with picture tutorial

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