DIY Solar Charger.

Guide, step by step how to design and construct a simple solar charger.

What you need is:

1) Adjustable voltage Boost Converter Circuit.
2) Solar panel (Small).
3) Soldering equpments..
4) Female USB Wire.
5) Voltmeter.
6) USB portable charger, a cord, led. (Recommended)
7) Small Gauge Wires
8) tape.
9) Small box.


(1) Solder solar panel positive negative junction to electrical wires (Red to + positive , black to - nagative).Cover open wire connection with the wire tape. 

(2) Connect a source of power to the charging circuit and a measure a voltage to the output. Change the module now to 5v output. Connect the input of module to panel wire .

(3)Cut a female USB cable and solder the positive (red) cable to the positive (red) output in the charger IC and negative (-) cable to negative (-) output. 

(4)Mark the size of the solar panel on the top of the box. Cut near the borders you marked so that the hole is a little smaller than the panel.

(5)Use hot glue to glue the panel to the hole. Now paste the other parts into the bottom of the box so that they do not move, make a hole as large as the USB cable on the side.

-I recommend that the USB output be glued well so that sand and dirt do not come in.
-If you had cotton wool in the box, I recommend that it be placed between the panel and the bottom, it helps to prevent the parts moving.

(6) Done!!! You can now test your charger. yes its worked.

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