Best Solar Powered Camping Gadgets for Your Adventure

With modern solar powered camping equipment, you can be one with nature without leaving home comforts.These handy solar-powered equipment save you from heavy batteries for fishing, walking, hunting and camping. Moreover, as long as the sun shines, they will not run out of energy, so you will be warm, dry, well fed and enjoyed for your whole adventure.

1 Solar Charger Backpack

When you backpack in and out of camp sites, every kilogram and piece of equipment is important. Instead of carrying a standard backpack without whistles or bells, bring back a solar charger. This unbelievable backpack contains all your items in a lightweight, weatherproof bag and charges your electronics. If you can't part with your cell phone and tablet but don't want to carry heavy batteries to power a docking station, take this backpack. It's pretty awesome. 

  • As long as you are in the sun, this camper backpack recharges its solar cells of seven watts to keep all your electronics alive.
  • Who's saying that you can't look stylish on the trail? Choose from 8 color combinations that represent your style. The bears may not care, but the camper colleagues appreciate your esthetic.
  • Whether you go fishing, walking, hunting or camping, the solar backpack is supposed to withstand harsh elements. The material is water-resistant and rip-resistant, so that you can climb, scramble and do whatever other outdoor activities you love most while stalling around this pack.
  • Pay nearly $60 or more for this backpack. Although it's not all that steep when you consider everything. If you have only the budget for a solar-powered camping gadget, this solar backpack gives you the biggest blow for your buck.
2 Solar Powered Flashlight

You need a reliable flashlight if you are in the dark wilderness. The solar flashlight will be your best friend in situations like these, as you can power it during the day and use it for hours at night-whether you just find supplies, go to the bathroom or check for animal intruders.

  • This incredibly bright solar flashlight is your tent. This flashlight casts its 150 lumens over 160 feet at a full charge.
  • Charge your flashlight to be used up to four hours constantly. It's plenty of time to pitch tents in the dark or have dinner away, so that the critics can't get in.
  • Solar flashlight retailers for around $30, but you can buy it on Amazon for half of it.
  • Use the power of the sun or an AC adapter to interchange the solar flashlight. You can charge this flashlight with the AC adapter in less than five hours, you get a full charge in eight hours in the direct sunlight.
  • Performance is very poor to compare with battery operated flash light.

3 Solar Water Purifier

You drink without question from a rod, but what about this crystal clear river water? Although it may seem drinkable, untreated water may contain parasites such as Guardia (which cause diarrhea, fever and worse if ingested) as well as pesticides and a variety of other pathogens. This solar water purifier is your solution and prevents all this. It's also a camping gadget that needs to be worn for emergencies. 

  • In just two hours, fill this bag with water from any fresh water source, put it in the sun and enjoy clean water of 99,999 percent of all chemicals, viruses, bacteria and protozoa.
  • Not all water is debris free. If you scoop silent, sandy or icy water up, the integrated mesh filter will keep it out of your mouth. In addition, the filter is environmentally friendly and reusable.
  • The price of this types solar water purifier is around $100, but you can find less at  Amazon and other on-line E-commerce sites.

4 Solar Powered Cooler

Who wants a swig of lukewarm water after a long walk? Possibly few. If you bring a solar-powered cooler, you'll have cold beers, sodas, juices and whatever other drinks you like to eat. Not to mention, this cooler keeps food lost at safe temperatures, so that nobody gets ill.

  • Multiple options for temperature. Keep ice solid or liquids cold at five different temperatures, from light cooling to solid freezing. This is especially useful for hunters or families who have to store many lost items.
  • You have a two option for charging  Solar or electric.You can use electricity from a generator, boat, car or camping car to power the refrigerator when available.

  • You need to buy Separate solar panel.
  • Cost is to high.

5 Solar Lantern

You can easily use lanterns powered by batteries or fuel, but what happens if the batteries die or the fuel runs dry? You're going to remain in the dark, that's what. The solar lantern harnesses the power of the sun for hours to keep your tent, picnic table and camp-ground lit.

Solar Cell Phone Powerbank

his five-panel solar charge is compared with a high efficiency monocrystalline pv panel with up to 10000 mAh. The iPhone 6 is powered by a 1,810 mAh battery, so the battery is charged around 5 times in one solar charge. It can be charged at full load. The small size of the rugged charger means that you can easily leave it in the sunlight on a window sill or on the corner of a desk. And two USB ports allow two phones (or one tablet, Ipad) to be charged simultaneously. 

7 Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker  

Although it will not give you the sound quality of a full speaker system, it is highly portable and stores enough power to play music at a full charge for eight hours. It also charges your smart-phone through the USB port. It is also water resistant, making it great for listening in the pool and being versatile anywhere.

  • High efficiency Mono-crystalline solar panel with internal battery Li-ion for the best battery backup
  • Charges your smart-phone for streaming your tunes
  • Internal battery supplies 8 + hours for long night listening
  • Stereo Sound-Pump your tunes with two full-range drivers
  • IPX 4 classified–Rugged and Water Resistant (IP65) for audio everywhere!
  • Great for outdoor activities or just by the pool.


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