Igloo Energy launches the Tesla charge reduction application by 20%

Igloo Energy is testing a new intelligent technology app that makes travel even greener for the owners of Tesla. Over the course of a year, owners could expect to reduce their carbon emissions by 20 percent when charging their vehicle1. Although the EV app test is currently only available to Tesla customers, the technology can be used by other electronic vehicle owners in the coming months. 

The app works by linking the Tesla and Igloo Energy accounts of a customer and charging the car automatically at times when the carbon emissions from the electricity used are lowest. Instead of using the first electricity available, it analyzes national grid forecasts to select times when low carbon emissions enter the grid. Users can set a time to charge their vehicle. The app on your iPhone or iPad ensures that it's ready by the time you need it. If customers need to charge their car faster, a few hits in the app override the setting and the car is ready as soon as possible. 

Igloo will also send customers a £ 5 coffee voucher for every ten intelligent charges to encourage them to continue reducing emissions2.Matt Clemow, CEO, Igloo Energy said: "We are always looking for ways to help our customers reduce their energy consumption while minimizing the effort our customers need to make. Our new app connects to the existing Tesla electric car account to reduce its carbon footprint further and requires minimal customer effort. 

The UK electricity grid is supplied by many different generation types, renewables such as wind, solar or hydropower, to dirtier fuels such as coal and gas. By recharging your car when the generation that supplies the grid is as clean as possible, it reduces actual carbon emissions-making journeys even cleaner! 

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