Lifespan of Solar Panels.

ᒪIᖴEᔕᑭᗩᑎ Oᖴ  ᗪIᖴᖴEᖇEᑎT TYᑭEᔕ Oᖴ ᔕOᒪᗩᖇ ᑭᗩᑎEᒪᔕ.

Solar PV Energy systems are a good way for energy conservation, save money and reduce the consumption of electricity to contribute to the environment.However, the purchase of a solar panel system has its challenges.There are various types of solar panels that owners can use as well as affect other factors such as installation costs and maintenance that people must take into account before deciding to go to solar energy and start generating renewable. If you are interested in us of solar power generation, you need to know as much about solar power systems as you can before you decide to switch.

What are various solar panel types and its life?

Polycrystalline Solar PV Module .

Made from silicon, The silicon fragments of these solar panels are combined and form wafers on each panel.In each solar panel cell there are many silicon crystals, which means that the electrons have little room to move about.So that are generally less effective than Monocrystalline panels with the single- cristal cells.

  • Competitively low Efficiency  then Mono
  • Economical Price than other first generation panels
  • Cells color are Blue 
  • Manufacturer : LG,Panasonic,Trina,Goldi,Vikram,Huawai,Waree and many other
  • life is more than 25 years.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels.

The cells on these solar panels are made of single crystals, In other words, the electrons generating electricity are much more motivated by the efficiency of monocrystalline solar panels than polycrystalline panels.

  • Traditional Highest expensive solar panels
  • Efficiency get  more compare to poly module
  • Cells color are Black and Dark Blue
  • Manufacturer : LG,Panasonic,Trina,Goldi,Vikram,Huawai,Waree and many other
  • life is more than 25 years.

Thin Film Solar PV Module.

A thin film solar panel consists of thin, plastic or metal films of semi-conductors.The films are ex-trimly thin than C-Si wafers  and often more than 20 times thinner.More flexible and light in weight .If the thin film cells are enveloped in plastic, the product may be sufficiently more flexible to mold a roof, thin film panels are rigid and heavier when glass is used.Since the thin film has achieved most of its success in big utility projects or small pocket calculators, the specialized modules will take up a major shift and manufacturing upgrade.

  • 3rd Generation cheap solar module
  • More suitable for big projects, Solar Power plants and solar farm.
  • Less Efficiency compare to Mono and Poly PV Module.
  • Required a more space
  • Cells color are Black
  • Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JS Solar, Moser Baer, NanoPV, and many other
  • life is 15 to 20 years.

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