Use solar energy and get rid of the electricity bill. (with proof attached in video )

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If you want to make use of solar energy, the government is giving a very large subsidy.Fit up your roof right now

If you want to watch this video Go to YOU TUBE and search Dc SolarX.

The above one is my video that will tell you how your electricity bill will be zero.One of our customer has 3 kW solar system on his roof. He is using it for a year and he never get electricity bill so its shocking. The energy generated by Solar is the same as the energy consumed by it and They do not have to buy electricity.

How it works.

Here's a brief explanation of how it works And what is included in the solar rooftop system.

Solar PV rooftop system is essentially a small solar power plant for small applications on your roof. Mainly comprises three major parts of the Grid-tie solar Roof Top solar pv system. These are the solar PV modules, the mounting structure of solar panel and the grid tie solar inverter and some other electrical accessories as a AC distribution box (ACDB), Dc distribution box (DCDB) with included protective device. For maximum generation, solar panels require a mounting structure to hold PV modules at the required angle.

PV modules
The solar panels convert solar light and heat energy in to the electricity but it is a direct current (DC). It can not be use directly in your home appliances because your major home appliances directly running on alternating current (AC).So you have to convert Dc into Ac and a solar string inverter will do it

Solar String inverter.
It is Available of 1 KW to 50 KW (For non commercial use) but for a power plant and commercial uses it is available in large range.The DC electricity from generated by the solar panel is converted to AC power by the inverter or power conditioning unit connected to the power grid via the AC distribution box.Now this  AC electricity will be useful for home uses.
The AC power output can be measured by means of the connected metering instruments. The system's 230 V single phase or 440 v three phase AC output can be synchronized with the grid and electricity can be exported to the grid depending on the generation of solar power and local consumption.its all done by the solar inverter and it is a brain of solar grid tie system.

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