New Latest Solar Cells Technology 2019.

Scientists at the University of Sheffield and energy technology business Power Roll have developed an innovative fresh solar cell design that has the ability to drive down solar cell manufacturing costs.A research released in the journal Energy and Environmental Science, collaborative scientists from Sheffield University and Power Roll showed how distinctive surface-based architecture with micro-grooves could also make solar power more effective.

Researchers have shown that by coating opposing micro-grooves walls with distinct electrical contacts and then filling the groove with a solution-processable semiconductor, a fresh type of contact back can be created.The innovative 3-D design removes many of the process steps needed by current photovoltaic modules and enables the use of fresh components that would not normally be suitable for standard solar cells.

Professor David Lidzey of Sheffield's Department of Physics and Astronomy, who led the cooperation with Power Roll, said: "There is worldwide interest in using solar cells to produce low-carbon, green energy. The design of the rear-contacted solar module is both innovative and elegant and can possibly decrease optical losses in the device. ''

Professor Arsomob Prove: "The systems we have demonstrated with Power Roll have a promising effectiveness, whereby seven percent of the sunlight energy falling on a single photo-voltaic micro-groove device is directly transformed to electrical energy, this is already about a third of what today's best-performing but costly solar cells generate."

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