China’s solar panel industry Growing Unbelievable.

The research published in the journal Nature Energy found that the Solar energy in hundreds of Chinese municipalities was now less costly than the electricity supplied by the national grid and even in 93 of those municipalities could compete with coal power, according to a new study. According to the authors, China has made significant strides in the development of solar projects and has committed to investing 3,1 trillion ($836 billion) in solar, wind, hydro and nuclear power generation from 2019 through 20. This will encourage further investment in renewable energy.

For a long time, China relied on coal to meet its energy requirements, but has begun mining and in recent years, particularly in highly polluted regions, restriction in the construction of new coal-fired power plants. However, according to Reuters, 59% of the consumption of the country still accounts for.
According to Sam Geall, a Chinese climate expert and energy expert in Chatham House, China also drives solar prices worldwide thanks to the scale of its production and learning effects on curve. The researchers say that "low prices can encourage a substantial uptake of solar systems in China in the near future.

For China, this is mainly motivated by national self-interest. The government sees solar energy as being capable of helping the country to increase its energy security and resilience, mitigate urban air contamination and position the country as the leading provider of clean technologies in the world of the future, "Gall said to CNN.

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