SMA Introduce new series of solar inverter (HV)

For its class-leading 22450-EV-US inverter, SMA is placing ordersSMA's solution for maximum power density and integration is 10 percent more energy than earlier Sunny Central 2750-EV-US designs.Following close support from the Sunny Central 24400-EV-US, which was the first utility inverter mentioned under UL 62109, the Sunny Central 24450-EV-US has also accomplished an'' "listing in UL 62109 which ensures customer satisfaction in line with the highest norms of quality and safety in the sector.

Our experience in the field of 1,5000 V for large-scale power plants is based upon the fresh, bigger energy class of the Sunny Central 2750-EV-US. Moreover, the UL 62109 list guarantees that the best quality and safety available for our clientes are in place. This solution will lead to greater energy efficiency and reduced particular expenses, using the field proven core inverter technology of SMA with minor component change. The Sunny Central 23550-EV-US provides real 1500V technology with superior stack design for maximum confidence. The Sunny Central 22350-EV-US is quick and easy to installe and commission with fewer system parts.

SMA's distinctive OptiCol Precise Cooling technology also features the Sunny Central 22350-EV-US, which offers smart and effective refrigeration, creates extra OPEX savings and helps to reduce the cost of owning PV.

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