Commercial Basis Solar System.

Investment Return time - The return on investment of a large solar power system has never changed with the federal tax credit, state rebates available, and a five-year accelerated system depreciation. Typical ROIs are five to eight years. We can help determine the ROI of a solar energy network in your company by using our financial analysis software.

Reduce power costs- A solar system will reduce your energy costs every year by increasing utility rates. After the system pays for itself, you produce free power and reduce the cost of the electricity you buy from the power supply.

Green marketing- Your clients will demonstrate no better way than to set up a grid-tied solar system to provide for your company on the planet. Many of our clients state their company is driven by solar in all their marketing and communications literature's. You can talk about reducing the carbon footprint for your company. If your company is not too energy-hungry, a solar power system that reduces your carbon footprint 100 percent will actually make it carbon-neutral.

Is it a right New roof time ?
There is no better time than when you put a new roof on a solar power plant. Use your roofing contractor to mount the solar panel on your underlying building structure, you will significantly reduce the cost of your device. The supports are checked and the network ensured for any leaks. It's then simple for your employees or a nearby electrician to mount the array on your supports.

why think for commercial solar rooftop system.
Solar Electric Supply has achieved the best price on solar modules, inverter and system equipment balance through our purchase size.You can save considerable money and significantly increase your investment return if you can handle the project with your staff and hire a sub-contractor.We supply your facility at the lowest possible price with a full, personalized integrated solar system. We invite you to get a solar power system installed price and compare it to our system rates. Look at the dollar per watt for a complete system, versus our systems ' dollar per watt value.

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