24V to 12V Adjustable Dc to Dc Converter. (Useful for step-down PV Voltage)

The source of power is an electronic device providing electrical power for an electric charge. The primary function of an energy supply is to transform electrical energy into one type, hence also known as electricity converters. power supplies. Some power supplies are discreet, isolated devices, while others, with loads, are incorporated into larger devices. The latter provide power on mobile and consumer electronics computers.

It is very useful converter for step-down solar panel voltage. Input current: 8A max (Max IC temperature exceeds 65 ° C, Must add cooling fan for maintain temperature) Power output: peak power: approximately 290 to 300W  , Size: Approx. 2.54*1.79*0.93 inch , Input voltage range- 1v to 35v dc, Output- 2v to 30v Max. it is a nonisolated constant current constant voltage step down dc to dc voltage converter. Maximum output power is near about 300W. Voltage and Current drop is very low.
It is come with a adjustable potentiometer so you can adjust required voltage easily and fast. 

  • Adjustable Power Supply.
  • Input voltage range- 1v to 35v DC.
  • Output Voltage- 2v to 30v Max.
  • Come with potentiometer.
  • Power output- approximately 290 to 300W
  • Output current- 9A Maximum.
  • Low Voltage drop.
  • Non-Isolated.
  • Constant output Current and Voltage.

  • You can use it for dropped solar panel voltage.
  • You can use it as Hi voltage LED driver.
  • Use in a offline small size dc solar system.
  • Use as Lithium ion battery charger.
  • Power supply in vehicles.
  • On board power supply for multiple power application.
  • Regulated power supply.

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