How to Convert Solar Pv Dc Voltage in to 220V AC ( No Need any Battery)


If we talk about a How to convert solar PV DC voltage into 110V Ac or 220V Ac, So i have a one solution that a very simple and cheap solution and no need a any types of battery. We need a 500 W solar panel (Any output Dc Voltage),  500W Pure Sine wave 12V Dc to 110V or 220V AC Converter, Dc variable converter ( See older Post), Some AC and Dc Cables (Multiple Gauge), Terminal box if you need, some basic tools. DC to Ac converter now you can see on upper image that type you can need to buy, So must read specifications before buy. 

  • Dc Input- 12V or 24V
  • AC output- 110V or 220V AC
  • Input current- 5A to 12A
  • Output Current- Max 15A
  • Frequency- 50 or 60Hz (as your requirement)
  • Output wave form- Pure Sine wave
  • Accurate voltage and current output
  • Protection- Over voltage, Over current, low voltage , short circuit, over load.
  • Based on Micro Processor Control
  • Weight- 700 Grams (0.7 Kg)
  • Indicator- 2 Red and Green LED indicator
  • Output Terminal - Single
  • 5V dc Output- Yes 2A 5V USB Output

This power inverter is a versatile, Mid-range inverter that can be used for a range of applications, such as portable TVs, CD and DVD Players, coffee markers, lamps, small power tools and freezers and many more that can run on not more then required 500W power.

Now, everyone uses some electronics gadgets like a camera , smartphone, ipad and many more if no electricity are available in your area so what can you do. I think you have only one solution you can use a Solar energy. solar panels can only gives you a 12v to 38V dc supply if you need a 220v Ac supply so you need to convert 12V dc into 220V ac.

Wiring Diagram Updated Soon.

First of all panels output gives in 24 to 12 v Stable converter and converter output is a input of 12v to 220v Ac converter then you will get a 220V ac output that can be use for charge any gadgets and also use to run a small electric appliances. In this project you dint need to connect any battery so you don't need to spend more money.

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