Latest technology in Solar industry 2020 (Solar Panels On Sea)

Solar farms floating (Solar Panels On Sea).

Day by day, silicone panels get cheaper and more efficient. AccOn reservoirs and other water systems photovoltaic panels offer more efficiencies and a plethora of other advantages, experts said."Floatovoltaics" are solar photovoltaic systems designed for floating in storage tanks, reservoirs and other water systems.

Floating solar farms can produce huge amounts of electricity without use of precious land or property. Photovoltaic floating panels are less expensive to install than photovoltaic terrestrial panels. Studies has also shown that, because of the cooling effect of water, the power production of floating solar panels is up to 10% larger.

Floating solar farms can help to manage water, in addition to producing clean solar energy. We reduce water loss to evaporation by increasing the flow of air and removing sunlight from the water surface. Floating solar farms often avoid the growth of toxic algae, reducing the costs of water treatment. In 2008, a first commercial 175 kWh floating panel system was installed in California in the Far Niente winery in Napa Valley. Further, the water underneath keeps solar panels clean and reduces the amount of waste.

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