Solar Power Plant Moti Dharay Valbhipur, Bhavanagar, Gujarat.

Village Moti Dharay TA-Valbhipur and District Bhavnagar has become a first village in a District has a 2 MW Poly Crystalline Solar Panel based Solar power plant and it is own by MSPL Private sector. Moti Dharay is a 10 Km away from valbhipur (Bhavnagar).

Knowledge About Solar Power Plant.
Solar Power plant's basic tasks are to produce solar panel electricity. Solar panel generates DC (Sunshine Direct Current), converts the solar inverter to AC and runs your home electric appliances and machines. There are basically three kinds of solar plants.

  • Off Grid Solar Power Plant
  • On-Grid Solar Power Plant
  • Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Off grid is a solar battery-based system that runs your home devices or connects the load as a solar inverter function as the first priority. And surplus energy is supplied with the solar energy network in the solar battery tank. This kind of solar energy is recommended if the biggest problem is power cutting.

The grid solar system is a system that is connected to the grid of the government. This system will first run or connect the load (without any limitation) to your home appliances. The power from the main grid will automatically be used if your connection is greater than the installed capacity of the solar power plant. And it provides the grid with excess power if your connected load is lower. It is advised that this type of system should only reduce energy charges.

Hybrid is a combination of the solar grid and the solar grid. One side hybrid solar system connects to the main power grid and provides battery backup simultaneously.

Today, everyone can install a 1kW to 1MW solar energy plant on the roof. The king. The governor. The most recent guidelines in India (MNRE) state that "Electricity can be generated through a solar system now and excess electricity exported by a net metering system can be used to install a net metering system on the premises which can be connected to the grid via a State electricity board or distribution companies.

India is a developing country, with an ever-growing population. Through 2022, India is expected to be the most populous country in the world. The market for clean energy is therefore tremendous in India. India is one of the largest portfolio of electricity generation. Despite India facing a major energy crisis, India needs to produce more renewable energy resources to address the problem

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