Daimler signs a renewable energy contract to cover everything in real time its German power requirements

The company's power purchase contract with Daimler, the Norwegian power company Statkraft is a 100% energy-purchase arrangement that meets Daimler's demand in real time. The offer is a renewable energy-purchase agreement. This means benefitting from the massive hydropower ability of Statkraft to supply any solar and wind lulls.Pricing specifics and even the PPA's complete size were not disclosed. In comparison to older wind farms eligible under the German EEG support program, Statkraft does not go further than to reiterate to GTM that the project is on the' industrial scale.'

The contract includes electricity from wind farmers, who will lose their steady EEG feed-in tariff at the end of this year, as with a previous 46-megawatt wind PPA negotiated between the trio. By 1 January 2021, about four gigawatts of the German OSW will have been affected. The agreement indicates the maturity of the German renewable energy industry by Peter Osbaldstone, Europe research director at Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables. When early generations of ventures lose their FIT training paths, new routes to the market at a gigawatt scale will have to be sought.
"For the last twenty years, these ventures have benefited from fixed remuneration so that the wholesale market will look very scary for many of them," Osbaldstone explained to GTM.

"PPAs like this provide generators with another path, providing a secure income stream to support continued business activities. A further feature of this company is the versatility of Statkraft's hydrogen generators: renewable energy generated when it is needed by the offtaker and represents a new choice in the range provided for industrial offtakers.

Google recently signed an innovative company PPA in Nevada that includes solar and storage capacity at large scales and which enables the technology giant to start moving to its renewable energy needs in real time."Green energy is a major challenge to be addressed when it is required with considerable flexibility in the generation process," said Statkraft Chief Executive Officer Christian Rynnning-T√łnnesen in a press release. "Our flexible hydroelectricity power systems complement wind and solar energy, guaranteeing a 100% renewable energy supply at all times." The most installed hydroelectric power systems are located in Europe, Norway, Turkey, France, Italy and Spain.

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