Georgia electric 2 MW Solar and 4 MW energy Storage Project.

2 MW Solar Farm and 4 MW energy Storage Project.

Cobb EMC, a gas manufacturer, broke ground at a solar+ energy storage plant in Marietta, Georgia. Peter Heintzelman, Cobb's President and CEO, said that we're dedicated to sustainable, renewable energy and redefine what it means to be a power expert. "The project helps us to test solar panels and battery storage efficiency advantage and stability, which will help Cobb EMC members for coming decades. We are proud to support sustainable efforts that make all our members financially significant.

For fuel its operations, Cobb EMC is added to the 1.85 MW solar 1-MW/4-MWh battery ventures. The project's energy storage section will also allow the cooperative to better support large consumers with their solar and battery projects. In April, Cobb EMC will add a further 13,140 kWh of energy to the three Smart Flowers.  This project is owned by Gas South for Cobb EMC in order to support both companies in their future sustainable development efforts. This scheme offers Cobb EMC the 10-year solar and battery output and enables Cobb EMC, for a period of time, to return the solar energy to the grid.

Creative Solar USA and Northern Reliability have developed solar and energy storage solutions on the rooftop and are scheduled to finish by May 2020. This important project will not only add affordable renewable energy to the grid but serve as the learning tool for future projects, "said Russell Seifert, CEO of Creative Solar USA." The team of Creative Solar USA is proud to have been involved. It is a leading energy market business, and it is a steady example of our commitment to our fellow Georgians to clean, economical electricity.

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